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In honor of Cat Appreciation Day, I am going to compile a list of fantastic memories that elicit my impulse to gush endlessly. In fact, I think we should make this a regular tradition whenever one of us has a birthday; it should be fairly easy because we've all done stupid shit together. Are you guys in? Good.

  • The time Anthony was grounded, and you both decided to sneak me into his house through the window. You propelled me up, and Anthony pulled. It was a success, but I don't know how long I actually lasted inside before getting kicked out. I think I hid in the toybox for a while.

  • One time I was outside hanging out on Anthony's swingset alone (I remember we had UNWRITTEN PERMISSION to use eachother's backyards), and I heard you scream my name from the distance. I had no idea where your voice was coming from, and looked around frantically. Turns out, you were across the street, sitting high up on a neighbor's tree. Just chilling. I was like "How did you get up there?!?!" And you were like "Don't worry about it. I'm just gonna hang here for a while."

  • When I made an improvised slideshow with Power Rangers cards. "And he didn't like it."

  • The time we made Chokey Ponies by hanging My Little Pony figures with scrunchies and making suffocating sounds with a YakBak.

  • The time we centered an entire comic series around Peter Stuyvesant. And how Don & Nick Corneo became the bane of your existence.

  • I can't remember what we left in Amber's mailbox: A love note from Snivelly, or the Pack of Knuckles Trading Cards we made. Or both.

  • The Puritans lived in a universe where the Wall Market music played on a loop, over and over again, until the end of time.

  • Do you remember 90 Days? That was a pretty fucking thorough RPG I made in several 5-subject notebooks. I remember creating Hans the Chef just for you, and then you ended up liking him! That caused a surge of pride in my 9 year old heart.

  • Tilting effect. Tangentially, I remember you roleplaying the Metapod hardening while we gradually fell into slumber.

  • The time we played the British and the Americans. I was the commander of the British, and I managed to get my entire team deeply lost in the woods for hours on end. You and Eric, the Americans, eventually gave up and decided to go inside and play an airplane game while we lamented in the darkness.

  • The time you, Amber, and I created a reality show and recorded it. I still have the tape, in fact. We must watch it again. Relatedly: "I love you more than TRAINING."

  • When we made detailed Tamagotchis with a bunch of colored post-its stapled together. I think 90% of the options were "The thing dies".

  • I don't know if you remember this; I called you to inform you of my conquest. I was over that idiot Janelle's house, and she never shut the fuck up about her NanoPet, and how it was THREE YEARS OLD OMG ... so while her and a bunch of people were in the pool, I stole her NanoPet and punished it repeatedly until it died. Ah, bliss.

  • The time Anthony, ever the pathological liar, made up a game called "Sonic Spikes" for no discernible reason.

  • How we'd roleplay Sailor Moon in the backyard, and Eric loathed it so much that he roleplayed ~THE NEGIVERSE~.

  • The time I kept running into stores in Harvard Square buying random shit, and you yelled at me like a disappointed father all night.

  • The time we played Toejam & Earl for eight hours straight, primarily because you kicked the Genesis toward THE VERY END and we had to restart it. You repaid me by being the sacrificial lamb and commited suicide, and then it turned out all we had to do was jump while hitting down to reach the platform.

  • The "Dialogs". I would also give you tons of "homework assignments" over the phone.

  • The time I called you, exasperated, because Brenda was having a psychotic meltdown about Ginger eating the chocolate cherries.

  • When we labeled the group of Yuffie, Elena, and Princess Sally "The Dung Gang".

  • Your mother reminded me of this: When I'd sell Sonic the Hedgehog fan art on the side of the road for ten cents a piece. Also, that we'd call eachother every night at 8pm when Hey Arnold came on. Also, the time we both picked up the phone at the exact same time to alert eachother of the "Halt! I am Reptar!" episode.

  • The time all of Shinrainc, including your mom, sat around the table drawing Scooby Doo characters, using a plastic cup as a reference. My Freddy was impeccable. I am looking at it right now.

  • The time Amy & I used your laptop to troll Tommy on his journal. Child of Butter.

  • I'll probably tack more on later.

Post your favorite Cat memories ITT!!
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